⛤ Terms

➤ T.O.S

* If the work is published anywhere, it must be credited.
* I have the right to reject the commission for any reason.
* You cannot re-sell commissions.

* In case of losing the original file, I will only be able to re-send the .PNG file.
* In YCH’s and adopts, payment is upfront (24 hrs
* I’ll only accept refunds before sketch is done.
* In case of ask for too many changes or fixes (redraw many zones) an additional $3 USD will be charged.
* Reselling commissions using an AI is not allowed.
* Reselling commissions for NFTs is not allowed.

* Delay: 1-6 weeks max. This delay begins the moment the commission is accepted (starting sketch).

➤ Transaction

I’ll draw a sketch/WIP (optional, please tell, does not apply to pixel) and show it via sta.sh, so you can make little changes (details, color, etc). You can preferably pay in advance. Then approved, I’ll complete the drawing.

➤ Guidelines

✓ Couples (any gender).
✓ Fan art.
✓ Furry/anthro/feral art.
✓ May be humans/humanoids/monsters.
✓ OC’s/FC’s.
✓ Soft NSFW.

✗ Anime and realism style.
✗ Hate stuff.
✗ Mechas or very complex designs.

➤ Last update: 28 January, 2023. 01:15 a.m.